About Measure X

It's time for a Safer Stronger Modesto!

  • YES on X expands gang crime prevention
  • YES on X helps investigate and prevent property crimes like theft/burglary
  • YES on X expands programs to attract business to Modesto
  • YES on X restores eliminated police officer and firefighter positions
  • YES on X increases the number of police officers patrolling city streets

YES on X protects 9-1-1 emergency response! Modesto continues to face significant financial challenges resulting from the recession, housing foreclosures and state money grabs. In the last 5 years Modesto has been forced to cut 55 police officers and 33 firefighters — with more cuts anticipated!

YES on X Make neighborhoods safer! YES on X puts more police on the street to address crime, gangs, drugs and youth violence. YES on X improves and expands gang suppression and prevention programs.

YES on X improves quality of life by improving jobs and the local economy! YES on X funds programs to attract new businesses and create jobs, keeping the City moving forward.

YES on X is fiscally accountable! YES on X requires Independent Citizens' Oversight and annual Independent Financial Audits to ensure funds are spent properly and as promised. YES on X is legally required to end in 6 years unless renewed by voters.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why is it important to support Measure X?

A: Public safety and the local economy are major community concerns. Voting YES on X will give us locally-controlled funding to fight crime, gangs, drugs and youth violence; improve city streets; and expand programs to attract new businesses and create jobs — improving our Quality of Life.

Q: What type of programs will Measure X fund?

A: Measure X will:

  • Expand gang crime prevention
  • Help investigate and prevent property crimes like theft/burglary
  • Expand programs to attract business to Modesto
  • Restore eliminated police officer and firefighter positions
  • Increase the number of police officers patrolling city streets

Q: Does voting YES on X put more police officers on Modesto streets?

A: Absolutely. Modesto's crime rate is increasing. More money is needed to make our streets safer. YES on X will increase the number of police officers patrolling City streets by 33%.

Q: How does YES on X improve Modesto's economy?

A: Making our streets safer, repairing deteriorating city streets, and funding programs to attract new businesses and create jobs will encourage/support more businesses to locate here, moving Modesto forward.

Q: Does YES on X address gang violence?

A: There are nearly 4,000 known gang members and associates in Stanislaus County, most of whom live in Modesto. YES on X improves and expands gang suppression and prevention programs. YES on X will double the number of officers to fight gangs, drugs, property crime and address quality of life public safety issues. YES on X will also help expand gang awareness and suppression programs in Modesto schools.

Q: Does YES on X address property crime?

A: Unfortunately, Modesto is known as the auto theft capital of California. Residents have a 1 in 5 chance of having their car stolen, and home burglaries are on the rise — yet we don't have enough police officers to send out to take reports. YES on X gives Modesto the funds to investigate and prevent these crimes.

Q: How do I know Measure X money will be spent on these priorities?

A: YES on X includes the toughest fiscal protections and safeguards allowed by law. Fiscal protections include clear Measure X spending priorities, an 11-member Independent Citizens' Oversight Committee, annual Independent Financial Audits and sunsets in six years unless reapproved by voters.

Q: What happens if Measure X does not pass?

A: In the last 5 years Modesto has been forced to cut 55 police officers and 33 firefighters — with more cuts anticipated! Without Measure X, more cuts will be made — impacting our safety. YES on X maintains and improves police protection and 9-1-1 emergency response.

Q: Where do Measure X funds come from?

A: Measure X is a 1-cent local sales tax measure for public safety and other quality of life issues. Measure X does not apply to food purchased as groceries or prescription medications. Visitors to Modesto and out-of-town shoppers pay their fair share increasing the total funding available.

For more information on the Measure X, including the measure language and spending priorities, visit the City of Modesto’s Measure X page.

Residents Speak

Hear from Modesto residents who share the vision of a Safer Stronger Modesto.

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Measure X Endorsements (partial list)

Share the vision for a Safer, Stronger Modesto!

  • Mike Harden, Retired Modesto Police Chief
  • Odessa Johnson, Educator/50 year Modesto Resident
  • Carol Whiteside, Former Modesto Mayor
  • David Gianelli, Business Leader
  • John Garcia, Local Modesto Businessman/Owner
  • James Ridenour, Former Modesto Mayor
  • Nick Bavaro, Local Businessman/Owner
  • Wayne Bridegroom, Pastor/Community Leader
  • Bob DeGrasse, Neighborhood Watch Advocate
  • Bev Finley, Community Leader
  • Doug Highiet, Business Owner, Neighborhood Watch Advocate
  • Birgit Fladager, Stanislaus County District Attorney
  • Kristi Ah You, Former County Deputy Coroner
  • Keo Onesavanh, Community Leader
  • Paul Baxter, Civic Leader
  • Darius Crosby, Pastor/Community Leader
  • Sandra Lucas, Community Leader
  • Ruben Villalobos, Modesto City Schools Board Member
  • Carole Dovichi, Empire Union School District Board Member
  • Susan Zwahlen, Modesto City Schools Board Member
  • Eric Caine, Educator
  • Lewis Woodward, Retired MJC Music Professor
  • Doug Ridenour Sr. & Linda Ridenour
  • Belinda Rolicheck
  • Paul and Pam Neumann
  • Kenni and Lou Friedman
  • Jordan Dickson
  • Dean and Cathy Jennison
  • Duane Nelson
  • Diana May
  • Steve and Pam Pallios
  • Janine Mc Clanahan
  • Philip Trompetter
  • Bob LeFevre, DM, retired physician
  • David Allan
  • Steven Anderson
  • Antonio Arguelles
  • Edward Arnold
  • Colleen Bare
  • Diane Bavaro
  • Eric Beffa
  • Heather Bichayda
  • Randy Bolinger
  • Betty Bonanno
  • Rosalie Boutry
  • James Boyd
  • Susan Brasil
  • George Britton
  • Anne Britton
  • Zachary Brubaker
  • Ken Bryant
  • John Carrico
  • Leopoldo Castro
  • Shane Castro
  • Joe Cavalho
  • Donna Chapin
  • Raymond Chavarria
  • Leonard Choate
  • Chesley Cochran
  • Carol Collins
  • Carolyn Crawford
  • Travis Dalton
  • Diane Davis
  • Marsha Davis
  • Nick Denton
  • Sean Dodge
  • Donna Dias
  • Laura Diarte
  • Tiffany Espinoza
  • Oscar Espinoza
  • Bernard Fairfield
  • Christine Ferry
  • Misty Fooshee
  • Jeanette Fore
  • James Gordin
  • Dorothy Gray
  • Jonathan Griffith
  • Thomas Guttierrez
  • Theresa Hannah
  • Diane Hansen
  • Melanie Hardy
  • Rosemary Harless
  • Tracee Harris
  • Patricia Havlichek
  • Andrew Harrison
  • Gail Hedges
  • Matthew Hemminger
  • Jose Hernandez
  • Charles Hess
  • Barry Highiet
  • Jack Hoke
  • Jeff Hopkins
  • Dave Huckaby
  • Chris Hunt
  • Frank Inacio, Jr.
  • Chanya Ith
  • Mike Kraus
  • Melinda Jaco Sharp
  • Arthur Jennison
  • Carol Jennison
  • Frank Johnson
  • Job Juarez
  • Jair Juarez
  • Elisa Keener
  • Caelli Koehler
  • Ben Kroutil
  • Merlys Larson
  • Adolph Larson
  • Tom Letra
  • Frances Lopez
  • Mario Lopez
  • Janice Lucero
  • David Lucero
  • Barbara Manrique
  • Julius Manrique
  • Jo Anne Mc Cune
  • Rick Mc Intosh
  • Shondell Mc Neal
  • Robert Merrill
  • Larry Meyer
  • R Moriconi
  • Alan Morris
  • Myra Morris
  • John Moss
  • Freda Motto
  • Abdulla Mused
  • Todd Musto
  • Doris Nance
  • Orrin Nelson
  • Scott Nelson
  • Eddie Ogata
  • Elizabeth Ortega
  • Kristin Owen
  • Richard Pacheco
  • David Paladini
  • Gene Palsgrove
  • Jeffrey Parker
  • Mario Perez
  • Michael Pershall
  • Al Petrides
  • Sylvia Polite
  • Paul Pratt
  • Shirley Probst
  • David Ramirez
  • Steven Rank
  • Suzy Regan
  • Mary Reineking
  • Douglas Ridenour, Jr.
  • Jack Robinson
  • Robert Robinson
  • Suzanne Robinson
  • Michael Rokaitis
  • Jerold Rosenthal
  • Darren Ruskamp
  • Christine Russell
  • Fred Sada
  • Michael Scheid
  • Heidi Schnuriger
  • Evelyn Schoonover
  • Tony Scopezi
  • Bud Shimmon
  • Lourdes Sibayan
  • Genesis Sibayan
  • Dannie Simpson
  • Chatur Singh
  • Colleen Sisk
  • Richard Smith
  • Kalani Souza
  • Scott Spitsen
  • Megan Stanfield
  • Daniel Starr
  • Isaac Stephens
  • Ryan Swehla
  • Sheldon Thompson
  • Karen Tiffin
  • James Tipton
  • Susan Tipton
  • Genevieve Tonge
  • Charles Toombs
  • Grace Torbohn
  • Cynthia Van Empel
  • Tom Van Groningen
  • Mary Vecchione
  • Rafael Vega
  • David Wallace
  • Judith Walther
  • Anna Watson
  • James West
  • Jessie West
  • Cynthia Williams
  • Penny Williams
  • Otherine Williamson
  • Suzanne Wirth
  • John Wohler

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